Want A Divorce? Here Are Five New Grounds For It

New Delhi: Move over dowry and interfering inlaws. Indian couples have new reasons to file for divorce and mind you, they are serious, not flimsy.

My husband is bald. My wife doesn’t take bath daily. My husband loves me too much…

Here is a list of five instances when divorces were sought in India in recent times for reasons which were often bizarre.

Wife doesn’t take bath daily
A man from Aligarh reportedly sought divorce from his wife as she does not bathe daily. The issue came to light when the wife filed a complaint with the women protection cell looking to save her marriage. The matter led to verbal spats, with the man finally wanting to part ways with his wife. They also have a child, as per media reports.

“A woman gave us a written complaint stating that her husband has given her triple talaq on the pretext of not bathing every day. We are providing counselling to the couple and their parents to save their marriage,” News 18 quoted a counsellor working with the Women Protection Cell as saying.

Wife had periods on wedding day
A Vadodara-based professional said this he and his mother were shocked to discover that his wife had periods on the wedding day. The man reportedly said that their ‘faith was violated’ over the issue. While other reasons were given for discord too, but this reason given by an educated man who married a teacher is definitely worrying, ZeeNews reported.

My husband loves me too much, we do not fight
According to a report in Hindi daily Dainik Jagran, a UP woman said she could not deal with her husband’s “too much” love for her! When the event came to light last year, the woman was married for 18 months and she reportedly said she was “fed up” because she didn’t have a single fight with her husband! Her husband also shared household chores, the woman said. “Whenever I make a mistake, he always forgives me for that. I wanted to argue with him,” she said, as quoted by India Today.

PUBG as rival

A young woman, 19, from Ahmedabad wanted to divorce her husband, because of her PUBG addiction. The woman, whose child at the time of the incident was one year old, wanted to separate from her husband as he didn’t let her play PUBG as much as she wanted. Even her parents were not happy with her addiction and took away her phone when she went to them.

The case came to light when she called the 181 Abhayam women helpline seeking help to get a divorce. “The girl called 181 and told us that she wants to be at a women’s observation home as it is not working out with her husband nor she wanted to go to her parents’ home as they had taken away her cell phone,” Falguni Patel, Coordinator at Abhayam said. She added, “When we told her that she won’t be allowed to use her phone or to go out from observation home since it is supposed to be for the protection of women, she dropped the idea. Then she sought help to reach her friend, who she revealed much later during the counselling session, was her PUBG gaming partner whom she came into contact while playing the game,” IANS reported.

Husband is bald
A woman from Uttar Pradesh sought divorce in a family court from her husband for hiding his baldness from her prior to marriage. The couple got married in 2020 and the man used to wear a wig, the woman claimed till she finally discovered his baldness. “I feel embarrassed in front of my friends and relatives many times. It is difficult for me to live with him anymore,” she said, the New Indian Express reported.

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