[Watch] 80-Year-Old Runs Mumbai Marathon In Saree And Sneakers

New Delhi: Among the 55,000 people who participated in the 18th edition of the Tata Mumbai Marathon, one caught the attention of spectators. It is an 80-year-old woman who left everyone inspired by her participation. She ran in the marathon wearing a saree and sneakers.

Her granddaughter, Dimple Mehta Fernandes, shared a video of her participating in the marathon. In the video, one can see the 80-year-old woman, Bharti, comfortably walking and running in a saree and sneakers, along with the other participants. She can be seen holding the Indian Tricolour in her hands. She clocked 4.2 km in 51 minutes.

“So inspired by the sheer will and grit of my 80-year-old Nani who ran the TATA Marathon this Sunday,” her granddaughter shared the video with this caption.

The clip shared by Dimple also has a snippet where she can be seen giving interviews. She mentioned that this was her fifth time participating in the marathon. The elderly woman said that she has been practising for the marathon every day.

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