[Watch] Gold-Covered Kulfi For Dessert Anyone?

New Delhi: Kulfi is a favourite cold dessert in India. There is a kulfiwalla at practically every chowk during summer. Now, the video of a gold-covered kulfi is doing the rounds of social media.

The video is that of a popular kulfi shop in Indore and shows the chef wrapping the whole kulfi in gold foil. This kulfi is priced at Rs 351 at Prakash Kulfi & Faluda Icecream shop in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

This video was posted on Instagram by food vlogger Kalash Soni (mammi_ka_dhaba) on April 14. So far, it has gathered over 48,000 likes.

However, not everyone is impressed. Some netizens noted that wrapping a simple kulfi in gold foil is unnecessarily exorbitant and does not add to its taste. Some people also noted that these days vendors are using substandard edible gold and silver foils to cater to high demand.

Echoing this view, an Instagram user said, “Went there, had it, not worth it”. Another person said, “Such a fraud, high quality gold colour foil is just 10”.

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