[Watch] Man Fights Massive Alligator, Gets It Out Of School Premises

Florida: An American man recently faced a monstrous challenge in the form of a huge alligator.

The 33-year-old Mike Dragich, a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter and licensed alligator trapper, was called on to get the imposing reptile out of an elementary school here.

Dragich, with the username bluecollar_brawler, shared a video on Instagram which was scary and terrifying.

Dragich added a caption along with the video, saying: “Florida man removes 10ft alligator from elementary school!”

The video shows the alligator snapping at Dragich as he stands in front of the reptile. He tries to catch the reptile by its tail, and eventually manages to trap the alligator with help of a few other officials.

The video, posted on May 22, has attracted over 9 lakh views and 36,000 likes, and counting.

Watch the video posted on Instagram:


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A post shared by Mike Dragich (@bluecollar_brawler)

Most netizens were in awe of the Dragich’s heroics.

“Thank you for keeping our community safe and great work!” wrote one user.

“Nice job… Love all the screaming,” commented another.

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