[Watch] On His Birthday, Tendulkar Announces He’ll Donate Plasma For COVID Patients

Mumbai: Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar couldn’t have chosen a more auspicious day to announce that he would be donating plasma for those patients who need it as part of their COVID-19 treatment.

The maestro, who holds all the major batting records in Tests and ODIs, celebrated his 48th birthday on April 24.

In a video message posted on Twitter, Tendulkar thanked his fans and well wishers for their birthday greetings and urged them to unite against COVID-19 and donate plasma, if permissible.

Tendulkar, who has recovered from COVID-19 after contracting the virus early this month, said that he will be donating plasma in a Plasma Donation Centre which he had inaugurated last year.

“I’d like to convey a message which my doctors told me to tell you. Last year I had inaugurated a Plasma Donation Centre and they had a message for you all. If plasma is given at the right time then patients can recover faster,” Tendulkar says in the video.

“I will donate plasma myself, whenever permissible. You also talk to your doctors, all those who have recovered from COVID-19, and please donate your plasma when permissible because that can solve a lot of problems for the people. So I’d like to request you to please donate your blood/plasma and help your fellow Indians,” he adds.

Watch the video here:

Tendulkar is the only batsman in the history of cricket to hit 100 international centuries — 49 in ODIs and 51 in test matches.

He also is by far the highest run-scorer in both the 50-over and five-day formats of the sport. While he scored a mind-boggling 18,426 runs in ODIs, his aggregate in Tests is 15,921.

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