[Watch] VSSUT Students Develop A Robot For Sanitisation Work

Sambalpur: The Robotics Society of Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology (VSSUT) at Burla has come up with another innovative machine keeping the needs of COVID-19 situation in view.

The Robotics Society has developed a robot-driven ultraviolet light machine for sanitization works. It has named the machine as UVRAS (Ultra Violet Robot-Assisted Sanitation).

Though the ultraviolet radiation is usually harmful to the body, the UVRAS’ radiation poses no harm to the human body, the Society claimed.

Since the machine is omni-directional in nature, it can move to any part of the targeted area for sanitization work. It is fitted with a camera that can capture still photos and also shoot real-time video of the area being sanitised by the machine.

The machine can be operated with a remote control set to enable the user to sanitise the area without coming in the contact with the things, said Robotics Society secretary Abhishek Agrawal.

He said a team of four first-year students of VSSUT including Abhyadaya Das, Ayush Singh, Trilochan Basantia, and Avips Raj developed the machine in one week with a budget of Rs 16,000.

The machine has a microcontroller, a camera, three planetary motors, three Omniwigel, a PS4 controller, Arduino Megha, USB, and two UV radiation. The robot has also been successfully tested on mobile phones.

Earlier, the Society developed an automated hand sanitizer machine. It has a sensor that can sanitise the user’s hands without touching it. The chemicals used in it for sanitation were produced in the university lab.

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