[Watch] Youngsters Without Masks Made To Sit With ‘COVID-19 Patient’ By Tamil Nadu Police


Chennai: In view of the fast spreading coronavirus, the government has made it mandatory to wear face-masks in public places. However, not everyone is abiding by this rule thereby, risking their own life and that of others.

Recently, the Tamil Nadu police caught hold of three youngsters in Tirupur who were roaming around without masks and taught them a lesson for life.

The team of TN Police stopped the bikers and forced them inside an ambulance where a man was already sitting with protective gear on.

On seeing the man with protective gear, the youngsters thought him to be a COVID-19 patient.

Soon, the boys turned pale fearing that they too might get infected by the virus after sitting with the patient.

The youngsters started pleading with the police to release them. When they didn’t succeed in opening the ambulance door, they tried breaking the window.

However, after sometime the police told the youngsters that the man with protective gear was not a COVID-19 patient. This was done to teach them a lesson!

You can watch the video here:


The youngsters realised their mistake and promised the police officials that they would abide by the safety rules from now on.


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