When Alia Bhatt Picked A Name For Her Daughter; Will She Stick To It?

Mumbai: Now that Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor have become parents to a baby girl, the next focus of public interest will be her first picture and what her name will be.

Interestingly, Alia had revealed a few years ago what she would like to name her daughter as.

It was about four years ago, when she had started dating Ranbir, that Alia was promoting one of her films at a dance reality show. As the actress asked one of the contestants to spell her name, the young girl got confused and nervous, and mumbled — A-L-M-A-A.

Alia didn’t take offence. Instead, she got excited said: “Almaa bohot hi sundar naam hai, main apni beti ka naam Almaa rakhungi (Almaa is a very nice name, I’ll name my daughter Almaa).”

The meaning of ‘Almaa’ means nourishing, kind soul.

Many moons have passed since that day. Alia has developed into one of the finest female actors in Bollywood, her first film with Ranbir has finally released, the duo tied the knot in April and Alia delivered a ‘magical girl’ on Sunday morning.

It remains to be seen if Alia sticks to her choice, or hubby dear has another preference.

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