When Monkeys Got Into A Streetfight!


Thailand: This was almost like a gang war. Only the gangsters were four-legged and with a tail! And they were not just monkeying around.

Hundreds of monkeys descended in the middle of the road in Thailand and got into a brawl bringing traffic to a halt and scaring pedestrians. An onlooker captured what happened.

In the video that has gone viral, two big groups of monkeys can be seen charging at each other fiercely. Needless to say, the simians caused quite a scare. There was a frenzy on the road. While some people made good their escape, others tried to shoo the monkey away. All this while, the motorists kept honking, which further aggravated the brawl. Wisrut Suwanphak, shared a couple of videos capturing the scary duel.


The incident took place around Prang Sam Yot, in front of Phra Kan Shrine in Lopburi, a popular tourist destination in the country that is home to thousands of monkeys. With people locked indoors due to COVID-19 restrictions and no tourists to feed them, the primates have been struggling to get food. It seems hunger led to the fight between the two groups, The Indian Express reported.

The person who recorded the clip went up to the third floor of a building to clean it when he heard monkeys screeching. Although monkey fights are common in the locality, he said he had never seen so many monkeys wrestling with each other before, which he likened to a gangster fight in a movie.


“Monkey battles in Lopburi occur frequently. It’s not strange. It’s about the power struggle, the food fight, the fertilization of the females,” a spokesperson for the Department of National Parks told Matichon, the report added.

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