When Uber’s India CEO Drove Passengers To Their Destination!

New Delhi: Uber passengers were in for a major surprise recently when they their driver turned out to be none other than the CEO of Uber India!

Some of those who were pleasantly surprised took to LinkedIn to share their ‘encounter’ with Prabhjeet Singh. He was on the road as part of a primary research.

“I literally stepped out after a long time to work from the office and guess who was driving the car, Prabhjeet Singh, Uber India CEO. It was a part of his primary research. (I initially felt something is fishy and had to google his name and match the face to finally believe him). The serendipity is real! Also, it takes real humility as well as grit to get to the roots of problems like this. Full respect!” Ananya Dwivedi wrote.

Another LinkedIn user Sourabh Kumar Verma praised Prabhjeet’s honest efforts towards improving the company’s services.

“Imagine taking a cab and finding the CEO of that taxi company behind the wheel. Wouldn’t that add to your travel experience and make you feel more welcomed, valued and safe? This is what Mr Prabhjeet Singh, Uber CEO, is trying to understand customers better and get to know them in person, picking up passengers in his Uber cab. Kudos!” Verma posted.

Madhuvanti Sundararajan was another one who booked the app cab for a ride to office, and was delighted to come across Prabhjeet on the wheels.

“The Uber driver immediately pinged ‘I am on my way’ without asking for my drop location. I was already very impressed! I waited downstairs for the car to come into my society. The driver said – ‘Hi Madhuvanthi, I am the CEO of Uber India and you are my first passenger today. Would you be willing to do this ride?’,” she wrote.

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