Why Have Indian Women Moved Away From Facebook?

New Delhi: India is one of Facebook’s biggest markets outside the United States and it is facing a hard time with growth here. The company’s recent quarterly report highlighted the drop in users from India, citing high mobile data prices. But a new report by Reuters, citing another report, says that the platform has more than data prices to blame for this drop.

Facebook has come out with its own research that looks at the company’s business in the Indian market over the past few years and they seem to have chalked a set of issues that are far more complex than just high data prices, News18 reported.

According to Reuters, the research done by the Meta-owned platform suggests that women have moved away from Facebook, citing worries about their safety and privacy. It clearly states that women leaving Facebook will never help the platform succeed in India.

The other main reason for the possible slowdown of Facebook’s growth has been attributed to content riddled with nudity, which again seems to be pushing away users to other platforms. The report also mentions that a complex UI and lack of support for local languages could also keep users away from Facebook in the country.

Yet another reason is youth in India, who now prefer platforms that are more video-driven rather than pushed to view textual content. This also explains the reasons for the growth of platforms like Snapchat and Instagram before TikTok was banned in the country.

Facebook has not talked about these details earlier this year, instead, it believes that the pandemic, high data costs and the lack of smartphone penetration could be the prime cause for its slow growth in the country. The social networking giant is looking to mend its ways after facing scrutiny from regulatory authorities from multiple countries.


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