World Very Close To ‘Irreversible’ Climate Catastrophe, Warn Experts & UN Reports

New Delhi: The climate crisis has reached a very grim point, according a number of publications and experts who have highlighted how vulnerable the globe is to disaster.

Prof. Johan Rockström, one of the top climate experts in the world, stated that “time is actually running out very, very fast” and that the globe was “very, very close to irreversible changes.”

He has pointed out that the need of the hour is global cooperation, more than ever before, yet geopolitical tensions are at an all-time high, The Guardian reported.

Emissions are rising though they must decrease by about half by 2030 in order to achieve the internationally agreed objective of 1.5C of warming, research has revealed.

All major UN organizations have released scary findings in the last few days which only corroborate the growing concerns of scientists and experts.

A study by the UN environment agency says there is “no credible road to 1.5C in place” while progress in reducing carbon emissions is “woefully inadequate.”

Under the circumstances, a “rapid transformation of society” is the only way out to reduce worst effects of the climate catastrophe.

According to the UN’s climate agency, there will be a rise in global heating of around 2.5C, even if pledges for action by 2030 are fully carried out. That will spell doom for planet Earth and result in a catastrophic climate collapse.

The study observed that very few countries have stepped up necessary efforts despite making a commitment at the Cop26 UN climate summit in Glasgow last November.

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