1/4 Of People In Mumbai & Delhi Have COVID-19 Antibodies!

Mumbai: Antibodies test is used to check if a person has antibodies of the virus, that means immunity against the infection.

Two private testing labs here tested 9.590 samples for the presence of antibodies using IgG antibodies test. The result: 24.3 per cent tested positive for antibodies, according to a report published in Financial Express.

It means that these people have been exposed to the coronavirus and have also generated antibodies against it.

The samples were taken from a variety of people ranging from businessmen, health workers, office goers and salon staff.

The sero surveillance in Delhi revealed a higher 25.10 per cent of people across 11 districts to have developed antibodies against COVID-19. Here, the NCDC carried the IgG antibody test on 21,387 people, and private lab Thyrocare found antibodies in 1,340 of the 3,956 samples it tested.

Sion Hospital’s Head of Microbiology Dr Sujata Baveja has reportedly said that these numbers are good news as it indicates a large number of people have built immunity towards the virus.

However, Dr Pradeep Vyas, Maharashtra Health Secretary, pointed out that the latest findings showed that immunity is lost within a few months, and hence this won’t be promising in the long run.

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