5G Trials From June: Net That Is Four Times Faster Than 4G

New Delhi: The much-awaited network trial for 5G services in the country is slated to start from June before the spectrum auction in September.

A Telecom Ministry panel, which deliberated on the quantum and duration of the spectrum trial, has recommended 5G spectrum to Airtel, Vodafone Idea and Reliance Jio initially for three months, which can be scaled up to one year in case they need more time for network stabilisation, news agency PTI said.

So what are the advantages of 5G over the existing 4G network in India?

5G will throw open a raft of new, game-changing, use across sectors and industries, say industry experts. Below are some finer points:

1. Transmission of data through 5G network would be four times faster than 4G.

2. Video streaming will become a seamless experience on mobile phones. Imagine, for example, a drone carrying critical medical supplies, such as a just-extracted human organ, navigating a densely populated area and landing on a precise, pre-set spot.

3. Among many other areas of technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) would undergo some huge transformations with the arrival of 5G. The IoT is nothing but a growing network of physical devices that easily gets connected to the Internet and also to each other.

4. In the not-too-distant future, you can see 5G technology being used for functions such as remotely-performed robotic surgeries, mine equipment operated remotely or cars driven by someone sitting hundreds of miles away.

5. Fewer transmitters are needed to cover larger areas. With 5G, it could finally make financial sense for network operators to connect India’s hinterland, paving the way for faster broadband through dedicated fibre lines.

6. Reliance Jio and Ericsson created a 5G-connected car that was remotely operated by the driver with a virtual reality headset. The model was exhibited at the India Mobile Congress last year.

7. A bus in Navi Mumbai was also driven remotely with the live video streaming being done on Ericsson’s 28 GHz 5G network.

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