A Peep Into Valentine’s Day Plans Of Gen Z & The Millennials

Bhubaneswar: For today’s youth, Valentine’s Day is very special indeed.

It’s an occasion to show appreciation for close ones – be it loved ones, life partners, friends or family members.

They celebrate the day in a variety of ways that reflect their personalities and preferences.

The ever-growing social media is a popular platform where young people share their love stories, romantic messages and photos with the rest of the world. Many couples express their feelings for one another by sharing thoughtful, artistic posts with hashtags, filters and innovative captions.

Many couples prefer spending quality time together and celebrate by going out for romantic dinner dates on this day of love.

“Food has become one of the most significant love languages of Gen Z and millennials… having good food together is our kind of celebration,” Abhilipsha Mohanty told Odisha Bytes.

They look to create a memorable experience by going to one of their favourite restaurant or trying out a new one.

Many youngsters get satisfaction by surprising their partners with thoughtful gestures on Valentine’s Day.

“I may surprise my partner with a dinner date,” said Prachi Sinha.

Surprises may also come in the form of an intimate park picnic, a weekend getaway, or a romantic candlelit dinner.

Gifts can also be a part of the surprise. Many youngsters search for meaningful and personal gifts, which their partners will appreciate as they don’t have it already.

There are typical gifts on sale for Valentine’s Day, which may be over-priced. More and more youths tend to avoid such mass-produced symbols of affection.

Singles also celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“I like to go out with my friends and spend some quality time with them,” said Yashi Agrawal.

“Valentine’s Day is not only for couples. It is for all your loved ones, including friends and family,” she added.

There are people who prefer to spend V-Day at home with their partners, doing regular stuff like any other day. They love spending time together in their own private space.

“We may cook some bread-omlette, binge-watch a Netflix series with lots of popcorn and scroll through Instagram once in a while,” said Khushi Agrawal, a 20-year-old from Bhubaneswar.

Whatever be their mode of celebration, Valentine’s Day is not to be missed out.

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