Sunday Poem: A Stormy Night

Wild was the night
Intermittent lightning and sporadic thunder
Inconsolable rain and devastating wind
Hunt was for a refuge, safe and assured.

You were right there
In the corner, in your net.
Comforting was your embrace,
Cherished was your touch,
Smouldering was our bumpy breaths.

As I hugged you tight, and
Tried kissing you deep,
Eyes, cheeks and lips,
You scattered a few words,
A soft and easy plead,
“Mind not to stick your tongue out!”

Wavered, I pondered,
What was in store!
We had no barriers
We were no strangers!

I gazed through your eyes,
Deep, clear and blue;
With glints and gleams
To claim a reason.

Planting a dry kiss on my dead lips
You uttered,
“In these troubled times,
Stories in the air
Of viruses, known and unknown,
Some infect the lungs, some other some other.
Baby! pretty well you grasp,
How prized is my life
To look after
Suitors like you.”

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