Actor-Producer Sudhanshu Pandey Scores With Short Film ‘Fitrat’

Actor-producer Sudhanshu Pandey’s short film ‘Fitrat’, which was released digitally on January 20, has been well received.

“The response is very good. I think people have loved my look, especially because I have never appeared like this before. It is different from what I have done in the past,” Sudhanshu said.

“I heard the subject and decided to produce it. You agree to be part of a project when you are convinced about the entirety of the subject, and not just the character. I felt it was a nice film to produce and a good role to play. When I heard about my role, I thought I’ve never had this look as an actor before. I wanted to make it look as genuine as possible and give it my best shot.”

Sudhanshu, who has been part of all mediums, said that as an actor his main aim has always been to produce brilliant performances, irrespective of the platform.

“I have done films, TV, OTT… all mediums. It is tough to say which one I enjoy the most. As an actor, all mediums are the same. I am an actor in every medium and perform in all of them. When you talk about enjoying a medium, it is fair to say when the team is good, that is the biggest blessing. That’s when you can enjoy and perform. I have enjoyed everywhere. I have been fortunate to work with some of the best teams,” he remarked.

Sudhanshu wants to be part of more short films.

“In a short film, the subject has to be strong enough as everything needs to be conveyed in 15-20 minutes. It’s a challenge and I would love to accept such a challenge. I would love to work or produce more short films and tell stories that can create an impact in those few minutes. Taher Ali Baig is a fantastic director… I would like to work with him again,” he wished.

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