Addicted To Drugs Or Gadgets, Take Help Of Family Or Doctors

Bhubaneswar: Addiction is no longer related only to the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco consumption, but it’s a diseased state where people are glued to their mobile phones, following social media, watching pornography, gaming and gambling.

The panellist of a session on National Anti-Addiction Day at Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) discussed the various stages of addiction and the manner in which it can be dealt with, taking help from family members and doctors.

“Drug addiction has become a cause of common concern not only across the globe but also currently in a city like ours where the administration is struggling to keep it under the control. It’s high time we must act and create awareness on the use of mobile and other gadgets, especially after the pandemic,” said Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, KIMS, Dr Udit Panda.

He further said that repeated consumption of substances or indulgence in an activity makes a person victim of chronic brain disorder because of which s/he craves for it despite knowing its harmful effects.

Strong family support and effective communication are necessary for any person to quit an addiction, he added.

Highlighting the role of medical treatment in diagnosis, he said the role of KIIMS has been conducting detoxification and de-addiction treatment in the Psychiatry Department to create a drug-free society.

This day is observed every year on October 2 to mark the words of Mahatma gandhi, who was firmly against the consumption of drugs and substance use. This year the theme was “Addressing drug challenges in health and humanitarian crises”.

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