Airlines Offer New Schemes To Attract Passengers


New Delhi: Airlines are offering new schemes to attract higher passenger footfall.

Indigo, the country’s largest airline, has come up with a scheme that offers two free round-trip tickets to every millionth passenger.

The airline said that it is flying one million passengers every fortnight across over 50 destinations. It also claimed that it receives 70,000 passenger bookings across 500 locations daily, Hindustan Times reported.

Indigo’s Chief Commercial Officer William Boulter said, “We are consistently working towards strengthening consumer confidence in air travel and, as a fruit of our labour, close to 3 million passengers have already chosen IndiGo for their journey post the lockdown.” 

According to insiders, airlines have been struggling to fly more than 60% of their total seat capacity after domestic flight operations resumed on May 25.

This is not the first time when an air carrier has come up with a scheme to attract passengers. In July, GoAir, IndiGo and Vistara had allowed passengers to book adjacent seats at a discounted price so as to feel safe, which came after aviation consultancies pointed out the need to build confidence among passengers to opt for air travel.

Industry experts unanimously said that besides fear of the pandemic, mandatory quarantine is another factor that is keeping travellers away.

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