All You Need To Know About Odias Living Outside The State & Beyond

The lure of job opportunities has taken Odias across the country and beyond. Latest figures released by Census 2011, shows that Odia speaking people are not only well concentrated in neighbouring states but also in far off places like Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

The Top States:

West Bengal-1,63,977
Andhra Pradesh-1,23,973
Uttar Pradesh-34,093
Madhya Pradesh-11,884
Tamil Nadu-4,372

According to the census data, more than 56 million Indians lived in states other than the ones they were born in.

Interestingly, census 2011 said that 59,734 people were born outside India as of the said year.

They are spread out across the globe. The number stood at 45,366 in Asian countries, 4018 in Africa and 5838 in Americas.

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