Amitabh Bachchan To Connect With Fans Worldwide Through New Mobile Platform

New Delhi: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan is constructing a mobile platform to allow fans and well-wishers from various locations to connect with him. The cine icon took to his daily blog and shared the details. “Sunday specials were on and consumed with glee… and effort to be able to construct a platform, a mobile platform, so that the fans and well-wishers from across the location get an opportunity to see… to put wheels on it to move closer and roundabout to the well-wishers.”

The thespian, who meets his fans outside the gates of his Mumbai home every Sunday, shared that his initial attempt didn’t work, IANS reported. He said, “Tried, but it did not work… more effort to be put in, by the manufacturing department…!!”

Big B, an avid user of social media, regularly shares updates about his work and personal life with his fans. The actor earlier shared on his blog that he shies away from promotional work. “My presence for promotional work is one that I shy away from… but for the sake of the most humble Production team… and more particularly, a team that is run by daughters of the Head… it is a justification beyond personal choices… And…” he said.

Amitabh is eagerly awaiting the release of his next film, ‘Kalki 2898AD,’ directed by Nag Ashwin.

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