As Covid-19 Cases Rise In India, China To Evacuate Citizens Amid Border Tension


New Delhi: The Chinese embassy in New Delhi issued a notice on Monday which said that China will evacuate its citizens from India as Covid-19 cases continue to rise in this country.

Many in this country see this as a significant move considering rising border tension between India and China along the disputed boundary between the two countries.

Chinese students, tourists and businessmen who have been stranded in India due to the lockdown can fly back to China by special flights, stated the notice posted on the embassy’s website.

China has asked its citizens willing to return home from India to register May 27 morning.

The number of Chinese citizens currently in India is not immediately known.

Those who avail of the special flights will have to pay for their tickets and also for a 14-day quarantine after landing in China. There was no clarity on details of the special flights.

“Under the unified arrangement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant departments, the Chinese embassy and Consulates in India will assist students, tourists, and temporary businessmen in India who have difficulties and are in urgent need of returning home to take temporary flights back to China,” the notice said.

Those who have been diagnosed with or are suspected to have contracted Covid-19, as well as Chinese citizens in India with fever and cough symptoms for 14 days will not be permitted to avail of the special flights.

Anyone having been in close contact with Covid-19 patients or whose body temperature exceeds the permitted limit will also not be allowed to fly.

In case anyone hides his/her medical history, he will be held liable for the crime of endangering public safety, the notice added.

India has reported 77,103 coronavirus cases till date, while 4021 people have died.

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