Back To Work Blues For Odisha Professionals Post-Puja

The Durga Puja revelries are over and the immersion of idols has also concluded. Now, it’s time to head back to work, from the corporate office employee to the roadside shopkeeper.

And most of them are naturally unhappy given that the Puja hangover is yet to go away. Besides, the weather too is playing spoilsport. The continuous rains make it the perfect time to curl up in a cosy blanket and enjoy an afternoon nap. Alas no such luck for professionals.

“The holidays are over and now it’s back to normal routine,” grumbled M Panigrahi, an employee of a public sector undertaking.

Jobi, the manager of a therapy centre, agreed. “Coming back to work after a long vacation is not easy. There are few patients and staff and it was difficult passing time. The rain has provided an opportunity to relax before gearing up for tomorrow’s busy schedule,” he said.

Amish Dash, a private company owner, also welcomed the showers. “The Commissionerate Police had issued a traffic advisory for the immersion ceremony and many important roads were blocked to avoid chaos. The rain and blocked roads gave a casual approach to the day,” Dash said.

For IT professional Bapi, work from home is the best option during the festive season. “I had to explain to my overseas clients that Durga Puja in Odisha is like Christmas in the West, when everyone is soaked up in festive mood,” he added.

For Sneha, another IT professional, the days of the festival were like any normal day. “I do not have the privilege of getting long vacations. Just like other days, I was sitting in front of my laptop and working. But yes, the work load was less.”

On her part, house help Rita was also happy with the rain, though for a different reason. “My son was planning to stay out all night to see as many pandals as possible. But the rain forced him to return home early,” she revealed.

But the rain could not deter banker Jagannatha Pradhan from staying back home. “I did pandal hopping in the daytime and enjoyed cultural programmes in the evenings for three days,” he beamed.

Debasish, a private company employee, had a different take though. “I had planned to visit many pandals along with my family and a picnic seemed like a perfect pastime plan by taking an extra off day after Dussehra. But the rain spoiled all our plans,” he rued.

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