Balangir Municipality Rallies To Be Clean & Green


Balangir: It is common among politicians and celebrities flagging off rallies for social and sporting events. But flagging off vehicle ferrying two tonnes of plastic /polythene garbage is a first of its kind witnessed in Balangir municipality.  The effort is aimed at keeping the city clean and green.

Balangir Municipality Executive Officer Bipin Deep gave go-ahead to a truck loaded with polythene to cement factory in Bargarh. “The biodegradable materials like polythene and others are collected from door to door and different wards of the town. Each municipality has been tagged to a cement factory and we are sending this two tonnes to polythene garbage to cement factory at Bargarh for treatment,” Bipin Deep told Odisha Bytes on Wednesday.

Sanitisation expert from Balangir Municipality, Swaroop Kumar Panda explained the process how waste is treated and recycled. “All the waste materials are collected from different areas, towns and are separated into two category — wet waste and dry waste. While wet waste is used for producing manure, the dry waste like glass, polythene are collected and sent to a cement factory at Bargarh where the polythene is recycled. Those polythene /plastic which cannot the recycled, are treated at a specific temperature properly. Thus it reduces plastic pollution in soil and atmosphere cut carbon footprints further,” Panda said.

“Earlier, we had sent two such trucks loaded with polythene weighing 4 tonnes and today we are sending another two tonnes of plastic garbage for treatment,” he added.

Executive Officer Deep sought co-operation from the people of Balangir Municipality to keep the town clean and green.

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