Chocolate Masala Sweet Corn Anyone?

New Delhi: We Indians just love our street food. We used to have gol gappe, dahi bhalla, chaat papdi and samosa before, then came chowmein and momos. With our penchant for giving a desi twist to everything, we have Indianised them so much that even the Chinese would not know them.

And now, we have ‘bhutta’ with a twist!

The video of a street vendor who gave a twist to “Makke ka bhutta” has gone viral on social media. Usually, the corn is seasoned with chaat masala and butter but our man drizzled it with chocolate like this:

In the video, the vendor spreads dollops of butter on the sweet corn and then drizzles it with chocolate sauce before topping it up with cream and seasoning. He then garnishes the corn with lemon juice. And voila! The improvised version of bhutta is ready to be eaten.

Uploaded by @ankaitluthra, the video has garnered 1.4 million views and it has over 33k likes. 

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