Condoms, Contraceptives Being Distributed To Migrants Leaving Quarantine Centres In Bihar

Patna: Over 22 lakh migrants have returned to Bihar and considering that the birth rate in the state is the highest in the country, the state government is worried. And rightly so.

Taking this into account, the State Health Society in Bihar is distributing condoms and contraceptive pills to the  thousands of men and women leaving quarantine centres across the state. 

The fertility rate here is 3.4 children per woman, according to the last data published by the National Family Health Survey in 2016, reported PTI.

“We are distributing condoms and contraceptives as we have noticed that nine months after March and November when maximum migrants return for Holi, Diwali and Chhath, there is a big increase in institutional deliveries, but which go down in the preceding and following months,” State Health Society Executive Director Manoj Kumar told PTI.


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