Coronavirus Scare: Crew Of Seven Ships Debarred From Disembarking At Paradip Port


Paradip: In view of the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in China, the Paradip Port authorities have asked the crew of the seven cargo ships not to disembark at the port.

The port authorities apprehend that the crew of the ships, which are from China, Hong Kong and Singapore, might have symptoms of the killer virus and told them to stay in their ships.

The authorities, however, have given permission for unloading and uploading of cargo.

On the other hand, the crew of other cargo ships from other countries have been allowed to disembark at the port. They are, however, scanned properly.

The port authorities are allowing ships for berthing after a through checking at the port anchorage area.

The port hospital authorities have opened a special isolation ward to provide immediate treatment.

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