COVID-19: Bengaluru Worst Hit Among Metros In Sept; Highest Deaths Per Million In Pune


Bengaluru: The garden city of India is the worst-affected metropolis in September with the highest growth in COVID-19 cases.

Bengaluru saw an 86 per cent increase in the number of cases and a 58 per cent rise in deaths, according to a report published in The Times Of India.

After Bengaluru, Kolkata saw the second-highest percentage rise in deaths.

The highest number of cases and deaths per million is in Pune, which overtook Mumbai last month. Mumbai is second followed by Chennai and Bengaluru. Ahmedabad has the worst fatality rate of 4.8 per cent.

Deaths-wise, Delhi is in fourth place with 254 fatalities per million population.

However, the case fatality ratio or the number of deaths per hundred cases, has come down in all nine cities. The report states that this indicates better management in hospitals or decrease in severe cases.

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