Karan Johar Should’ve Invited Farmers To His Party, Tweets Javed Akhtar; Know Why

Mumbai: The non-stop media coverage of the Bollywood drug nexus case has irked many and celebrated writer Javed Akhtar is one among them.

The veteran took to his social media handle recently to call out the news channels for giving less importance to the ongoing farmers’ protests.

Unhappy with the continuous media coverage of the Bollywood drug nexus and the alleged drug party at Karan Johar’s house, Javed said that the filmmaker should have invited some farmers to his party.

“If Karan Johar had invited some farmers too for his party life would have been easier for our TV channels. They would not have had to choose between farmers’ protest and Karan’s party!. it seems that Karan’s do is the second most favourite PARTY of our channels,” tweeted Javed.

On Friday, more than 200 groups of farmers across the country blocked roads and took out rallies to protest against the three controversial farm bills passed in the monsoon session of Parliament.

Meanwhile, noted celebrities are being interrogated by the NCB in the drug nexus case related to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death.

A video of Karan Johar’s alleged drug party had also gone viral and it’s being speculated that the filmmaker might also be summoned for interrogation.

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