COVID-19 Fraud: Cyber Fraudsters Develop ‘Coronavirus Map’ To Steal Your Personal Data


Mumbai: When the nation is facing a tough time due to COVID-19 pandemic, insensitive miscreants have developed a malware called ‘coronavirus map’ to steal panic-stricken public’s confidential data, including bank account details.

The malware link is being widely circulated on social messaging apps like WhatsApp. The link claims to provide information about COVID-19 prevention and when people click on the link, the malware that can steal personal data gets automatically installed on the phone.

The malware was detected by Dhule Police Superintendent Chinmay Pandit a week ago.

Urging people not to open any coronavirus-related links circulated on messaging apps, Chinmay stated, “Cyber fraudsters are using a malware called coronavirus map, which can compromise your confidential data.”

The government is sharing timely and updated information about COVID-19 on official sites and thus, public should avoid checking unauthorised links to stay safe from frauds, added the official.

However, according to Balsing Rajput, Superintendent of pPolice, Maharashtra Cyber Crime, no one has approached the cyber police with any fraud complaints till now.

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