Did Disha Salian Dial 100 From Her Phone Before Her Demise?


Mumbai: Rumour mills are working overtime on Disha Salian, the latest ‘theory’ being that Sushant Singh Rajput’s former manager had dialled 100 (Mumbai Police) from her phone before her demise on June 8.

After dialing 100, she had apparently called up Sushant to inform him about what had happened and that her life was in danger, suggested reports.

According to India Today, however, all these reports are baseless and fake. They carried out an investigation which found that it was Disha’s father Satish Salian who had dialled 100 using his daughter’s phone on May 10, a month before Disha’s demise.

In an exclusive interview to India Today, Satish revealed that he had dialled 100 for inquiring about the E-pass as Disha and her fiancée Rohan Rai wanted to go to their Malad home for cleaning it up.

“The whole lockdown, Rohan and Disha were at home. They wanted to go to their Malad home for cleaning (of the place). They wanted to take the car. At that time, there were strict lockdown rules. There was nakabandi at every place. Therefore, I took Disha’s phone and dialled 100 on May 10. The cop replied that to travel till Malad, from our place, E-pass won’t be necessary. Next day, Disha and Rohan went to the Malad home and returned in a few days,” Satish Salian was quoted as saying.

Mumbai Police, investigating the case, said that the recording of the call made by Disha’s father on May 10 is available with them.

The report further stated that no call was made to the Mumbai police control room (100) or to Sushant on June 8 from Disha’s phone.

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