Experts Positive About India’s Economy, Says PM Modi As He Addresses Nation

Bhubaneswar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that experts in India and abroad are positive about India’s economy during his address to the nation on Friday.

“Today, not only record investment is coming to Indian companies but new employment opportunities are also being created for the youth,” PM Modi said.

“Wherever we see there is only optimism now….earlier, there were only chants about made in this country, that country, but today everyone is talking about ‘Made in India’,” PM Modi said in his address following the country’s 100 crore vaccination achievement.

“100-crore vaccination mark is an answer to all the apprehensions…There were questions like will India be able to cope up, will it be able to vaccinate so many people or where will it get the money from to buy vaccines?” he said.

“No discrimination in vaccination mantra was followed. It was ensured that VIP culture didn’t overshadow the vaccination drive,” the prime minister added.

However, the prime minister sounded cautious about the COVID-19 pandemic while celebrating festivals.

“I request all to celebrate the upcoming festivals with utmost caution. I appeal to all those who have not taken the first dose of #COVID19 vaccine yet should given utmost priority to getting vaccinated. Those who are vaccinated should encourage others,” PM Modi said.

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