Hindi Extremely Crucial For National Unity: Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan

New Delhi: The debate over importance of Hindi language has been generating a lot of heat in India.

At a time when several states have been vehemently opposing the imposition of Hindi by the BJP-headed Central government, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said on Hindi Diwas that the use of Hindi is extremely necessary in national affairs.

“The Hindi language, comprising many dialects, has a special place in tying India with the thread of unity. Even today, Hindi words are being used in many languages of the world. Greetings to all on Hindi Diwas. Let us take a pledge to be a partner in the upliftment of Hindi with our mother tongue,” the minister wrote on Twitter.

“In the context of the Hindi language, our constitution-makers had a clear opinion that for the unity and the integrity of the country, the use of Hindi in national practice is absolutely necessary. Due to its broadness and generosity, Hindi is also a complement to the democratic system of our country,” he added in the note, written in Hindi.

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“By being the link-language of the entire country, Hindi is discharging its important role in uniting the entire nation. Compliance with the National Language Policy of the Union of India in official work is the constitutional duty of every government officer and employee,” he further wrote.

“Let us take a pledge that we will not only use Hindi more and more in our official work, but also establish Hindi as a rich language of world science,” Pradhan stated.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said a few months ago that Hindi should be accepted as an alternative to English, and not to local languages. He had earlier said Hindi should be the primary language for the entire country to keep India united.

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