How To Get Rid Of Lizards At Home

Bhubaneswar: Are you scared of lizards? Or just irked by the presence of these crawly reptiles on your walls?

Here are a few ways to get rid of lizards. But do remember lizards help in keeping insect population down.

  1. Place Onion or Garlic
    Lizards are repelled by the smell of garlic and onions. Place them strategically in frequented corners and dark hideouts.
  2. Vent cabinets
    Lizards like dark and damp places. It is important to open cabinets and storage places often.
  3. Naphthalene Balls
    The smell of napthalene balls drives away lizards and other insects like moths.
  4. Empty Eggshells
    The smell of eggshells is a deterrent to lizards. Unwashed ones work better. However, the smell may repel you as well.
  5. Pepper Spray
    Make a solution of pepper and water, and spray it on the surfaces where lizards crawl. Pepper causes burning sensation on lizards’ bodies. You can use chilli powder as well. You can also use this on wires that are frequently chewed away by rats.
  6. Remove leftover food
    Open and stale food attract all types of bugs such as flies and ants which are eaten by lizards.

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