India’s First Metaverse Wedding: Meet The Couple, Know How Reception Will Be Held

Chennai: In what is being touted as India’s first Metaverse wedding, a Tamil Nadu couple is preparing to host their marriage reception digitally.

After their wedding at Sivalingapuram village on February 6, Dinesh SP and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy will switch on their laptops to get into a virtual venue for the Hogwarts-themed reception.

The virtual ceremony will be attended by the couple’s friends and family members from across the world.

“I came up with the idea of having a Metaverse wedding reception, and my fiancee also liked the idea… I have been into crypto and blockchain technology, and have been mining ethereum, a form of cryptocurrency, for the last one year. Since blockchain is the basic technology of Metaverse, when my wedding was fixed, I thought of having a reception in Metaverse,” Dinesh, a project associate with IIT Madras, was quoted as saying by The Times of India.

Janaganandhini felt a virtual reception is apt “as we met on Instagram and will be having our wedding reception on Meta.”

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse creates a virtual world experience by simulating human emotions and gestures, whereby users can interact with others through digital avatars. It combines multiple elements of technology like augmented reality, blockchain and virtual reality.

Guests and gifts

It will be similar to a normal physical reception, as guests will be able to interact with the bride and groom as well as present them gifts.

“We are accepting marriage gifts via Metaverse… Guests can transfer gift vouchers, or Google Pay, and we are also accepting cryptos as gift,” said Dinesh.

Theme wedding

Dinesh and Janaganandhini’s have opted for a Harry Potter-themed virtual reception as both are devoted fans of the Potter series. The bride and groom will be present at the function in digital avatars. Guests, on the other hand, will be given login details, and can choose an avatar to take part in the one-hour reception.

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