Is Cyclone Amphan Looming Over Odisha And Andhra Coasts?

Bhubaneswar: Is the season’s first cyclone looming over the Bay of Bengal?

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) said on Monday that a low-pressure area is most likely to form over southeast Bay of Bengal and adjoining Andaman Sea in the next 48 hours and subsequently get more marked by May 16.

Some experts feel it may give birth to cyclone Amphan, which could have an impact on the Andhra Pradesh and Odisha coasts.

The New Delhi-located Regional Specialised Meteorological Centre (RSMC), which tracks cyclones, has indicated that the low pressure could turn into a cyclone (Amphan) around May 16 to 18.

IMD, however, is not ready to stick its neck out. “At present there is no unanimity among the various Met models with respect to the track of Cyclone Amphan,” was all they would say at this point of time.

The Union government’s two premier ocean and weather research agencies — INCOIS and NCMRWF — are at variance over the formation and track of Cyclone Amphan.

If one were to go by INCOIS projection, there is cause for alarm in Odisha, which has been shaken by several cyclones including Cyclone Fani last year. According to the predictions of INCOIS and ECMWF – recognised as one of most accurate cyclone forecasters in the world — cyclone Amphan will be hurtling towards north Andhra coast with significant impact on southern Odisha.

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  1. Smriti says

    Is it bigger than fani?
    Which date and which place the cyclone will landfall?

  2. Natarajan Krishnamurthy says

    Never Trouble Trouble.Let us hope no cyclone will occur.Cyclone if it happens now may also take away the moisture that is essential for the good onset of south west monsoon on time



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    Request plz qurnttime27day. Don’t 21
    My request sir madam kornavirus

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