‘Just Plain Stupid’: Filmmaker Nikhil Dwidevi Slams Celebs Holidaying In Maldives

Mumbai: Bollywood filmmaker Nikhil Dwivedi called out celebrities for posting vacation pictures from Maldives at a time when the nation is struggling to fight off the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reacting to journalist Barkha Dutt’s tweet about celebrities who are holidaying in Maldives, Nikhil stated that tinsel town biggies are not heartless but ‘just plain stupid’.

“With apology to #Maldives but I just can’t bear to see one more sun-kissed, rippled water image from there while our COVID numbers surge & jobs plummet. Its sort of the November version of Banana Bread & Celebrities would be be well advised on the tone-deafness of it,” wrote Barkha.

Nikhil agreed with Barkha, as he wrote: “Absolutely. Then we r surprised at the suddenness of the backlash the movie industry receives for unrelated reasons. We r so self-absorbed & so oblivious to what’s around us tht we appear unempathatic. Let me also assure it’s not like they r heartless, none are.. just plain stupid.”

Last week, Nikhil had tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently quarantining at home.

The filmmaker’s next production venture will be a trilogy of ‘Naagin’, starring Shraddha Kapoor in the lead role.


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