Khadi Lagi Ritual Commences At Durga Puja Pandals Of Odisha

Bhubaneswar: As part of Mahalaya celebrations on Wednesday, Khadi Lagi ritual commenced at the Puja pandals across Odisha.

On this occasion, craftsmen apply Khadi, a kind of white primer, on Durga idols before colouring it along with other rituals at the pandals.

Notably, preparations for Durga Puja festival begins with collection of sacred soil from riverbed by Puja Committees on the day of Nandoutsav, a day after Janmashtami. That soil is used for making the idols of Goddess Durga and other deities on the Puja pandals.

“By Khadi Lagi Amavasya, the construction of idols should have been completed. After the Eka Matia and Do Matia (double coat of soil), a mix of tamarind seed powder and white stone khadi powder  is applied on the Durga idol and other deities on the pandal. The tamarind seed powder works as gum. The artisans put double coats of this paste and do not use any chemicals,” said Lingaraja Hati, general secretary of Haripur-Dolmundai Puja Committee.

“Artisan Bijaya Muduli of Kumbharsahi in Cuttack with his five-member team is making the Durga idol. We are following all Corona guidelines, imposed by the state government and district administration. The height of our idol is four-feet long,” he added.

“After performing the puja as per tradition, the Khadi Lagi ritual has begun. It will take three to four hours to apply the primer on the idols at the pandal. Two days later, the idols of Durga and other deities would be coloured,” said Hati.

“After applying Khadi, we will apply other colours on the deities. Then Devi Durga will be adorned with cloth and ornaments. As per the tradition we apply Khadi before Mahalaya,” said Babuli Behera, an artisan.

“,On the day of Khadi Lagi Amavasya, a white primer-like substance is applied on the idols. We will start Kalasha Puja today,” said Pramod Nanda, priest of Khan Nagar -Khapuria Industrial Puja Committee.

Notably, on the occasion of Mahalaya, special prayers are offered for the forefathers across the state, even as preparations for Dussehra gained momentum.

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