Know The Kartika Rituals In Jagannath Temple

Puri: As the Kartika Brata in the Jagannath temple in Puri began on Tuesday on the 11th full moon day of the Ashwina month (Shuklapaksha Ekadashi), the temple administration has finalised the schedule for the remaining rituals of the Lords.

As per the schedule, the rituals for the Radha-Damodara Besha of the Lords will begin on Tuesday. This will be followed by the Laxmi-Narayan Besha on November 25, Bankachuda Besha on November 26, Nagarjuna Besha on November 27, Tribikrama Besha on November 28, Laxmi-Nrushingha Besha on November 29 and Rajadhiraja Besha on November 30.

Niti Prashasak of the Jagannath temple Jitendra Sahu said that the aforesaid rituals of the Lords will be smoothly conducted in coordination with the sevayats of all the Nijogs.

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