Lockdown Routines: Rupashree Mohapatra Is Reading & Making Videos On Jagannath Culture

In our Special Series, the Mahari dancer tells OB that although she is spending quality time with her family, the plight of the poor people is making the lockdown suffocating for her.

Puri: The nationwide lockdown, necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has virtually brought the world to a standstill. Every individual has been affected in same way or the other.

Mahari dancer Rupashree Mohapatra said, “The outbreak of novel coronavirus is not just a threat to our lives but a threat to the future of the priests of the Jagannath Temple, street side vendors and others.”

“Though I am worried about this situation, we do not have any other option. I am keeping myself engaged in creative work and doing household chores,” said Rupashree.

“Initially, we were enjoying the lockdown period. We had a good family time, which we were deprived of earlier,” she added.

“I am reading a lot on Jagannath culture. I am making some Mahari dance videos on this culture and sharing them on social media. People should know that we are active. We do not know when that time will come again,” said Rupashree.

“I love cooking. I am trying to make new food items in this period. I am spending time with my daughter and training her in Mahari dance,” she said.

Rupashree is also feeding stray dogs, monkeys, cats and birds every day.

“I am also doing exercise, especially stretching in morning and trying to stay fit,” said Rupashree.

“I had nearly 20 Mahari dance performances lined up. I had to go to 10 foreign countries and 10 different parts of India. All the programmes were cancelled,” she added.

“We are tense about how to survive. I live near the temple and I can see the plight of the people. We have to work on a regular basis for our bread and butter. Looking at the problems of the common people, the lockdown period is now suffocating me,” said Rupashree.

“Moreover, there is more to lose than to gain. We cannot give dance training online to everyone. Not everyone knows how to handle a smartphone,” she said.

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