Mobile Internet Speeds Down By 50% In India: Report

Are you having problems with slow net connection lately? Or having to cope up with excessive buffering on your smartphone? No wonder.

A report by Ookla, a performance analysis site on broadband and mobile internet speeds, has reported a drop in internet speeds in the country in the past few months.

ISPs in India averaged a download speed of about 29.06 Mbps and upload speeds of 25.85 Mbps for fixed line broadband services. Mobile service providers averaged 4.33 Mbps download and 10.87 Mbps upload speeds in June 2019.

This was a more than 50 per cent drop in mobile internet speeds compared to May 2019, while the drop in fixed line broadband was less than 5 per cent.

India is currently ranked 74th for fixed line broadband speeds, a steep drop from the 56th position it held in July 2018. The scenario is worse for mobile internet speeds. India has fallen to 123 from 111 in the same period.

The report mentioned that South Korea has the fastest mobile internet speeds (90 Mbps download) and Singapore had the best fixed broadband speeds (197.50 Mbps download).

Doug Suttles, co-founder and general manager at Ookla, said, “An ever-evolving focus on sophisticated network infrastructure will always be important for fixing network quality in India.”

“Geographically, India is one of the largest and most populated country in the world. This means a well laid out network that is able to handle high volumes of usage is a key in supporting the internet needs of the Indian market. Despite these challenges in India, further advancements in both 4G and 5G network technology will continue to improve network efficiency,” he added.

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