#MusicMafia In Bed With #FilmMafia, Tweets Sona Mohapatra

Mumbai: Singer Sona Mohapatra’s debutant Bollywood song ‘Ambarsariya’ from the movie ‘Fukrey’ was a big hit, yet it was not nominated for any awards.

Spilling the beans about her first Bollywood song, Sona Mohapatra stated that ‘Amabrsariya’ was despised by veteran writer Javed Akhtar and his son Farhan Akhtar even though it was a big hit.

She further stated that after her first song, she never got a second chance in Bollywood. As a newcomer, she was never encouraged in the industry.

 “Not very subtle. ( FYI, Ambarsariya; both Javed & Farhan Akhtar were hostile/hated it. Only song Excel didn’t bother to shoot a music video for, montage got cut after much. Long story there but of course it’s no surprise why I never got a ‘second chance’. Stood up to the master,” she tweeted.

Soon, she deleted her tweet about Javed and Farhan Akhtar and wrote that she didn’t want to take any names.

“Did anyone notice that despite being 1 of the last song’s released in the Fukrey promotions, yet becoming a big hit, a rare ‘solo female song’, featuring ‘new talent’ (worth encouraging?), Ambarsariya had ZERO nominations in any awards shows. #MusicMafia in bed with #FilmMafia,” she added.

Sona also slammed Javed Akhtar’s daughter Zoya Akhtar for her take on nepotism during an interview with India Today.

Reacting to Zoya’s interview, the Odisha-born singer said that though one cannot change their parents and the privilege they enjoy, one can definitely use their privilege to bring about a positive change in the industry.

 “Your privilege need not be ur guilt but it need not make you so glib, condescending & smug. Of course, u cannot ‘change’ ur parents. But what u can do is recognise the fortune, opportunities u were born into. Use ur privilege to bring fairness & balance? No. ‘Will not share MY cake’,” posted Sona.

During the interview, when Zoya was asked about the ongoing nepotism debate, she stated, “It is not about inside-outsider, it is basically that people are angry about haves and have-nots in the country. This is playing out in the industry because this is a soft target. It’s not about making movies on getting a break, you want to be a star, you want to be invited to that party, and nobody can help you with that. And all I want to say is, no matter what anybody says I am not going to change my parents or my career, so now live with it.”

“It took me 7 years to make a movie and I was born in the lap of the industry. The outsiders like Reema Kagti, Anurag Kashyap all made movies before me, so everybody’s journey is different. My privilege was that I had a house to live in, and Farhan was working so he paid the bills, but nobody did my film because of my last name. Yes, access is a huge deal, but it doesn’t get a film made, ask me about it,” she added.

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