‘Nimuhi’ Temple, The Symbol Of Love In Odisha


Bhubaneswar: Love is beautiful, intense and eternal. It is historical and time immemorial.

This Valentine’s Day, Odisha Bytes takes you on a tour to a legendary temple ‘Nimuhi’ in Odisha’s Sonepur, which  epitomises true love.

It tells the love story of princess Sashisena and the minister’s son, Ahimanikya.

According to legends, a daughter of Amravati King Vikram Keshari had fallen in love his minister’s son. A witch called Gyanadei Maluni also took a fancy to Ahimanikya. She performed witchcraft to gain control over Ahimanikya and satisfy her sexual appetite.

By using her evil powers, she transformed him into a sheep during the day and human at night.

Shashisena frantically searched for Ahimanikya, but in vain. She then prayed to Goddess Bhagawati. With the blessings of the Goddess, Ahimanikya was freed from the witch’s spell and their love won.

Fearing punishment, they then fled from Amaravati to Kamantapur (now known as Sonepur).

The ‘Shashisena Temple’ was later built in memory of their love. Since there is no entrance to the temple, t is called the ‘Nimuhi’ temple.

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