Now, Putin Warns Of ‘Global Catastrophe’ If NATO Troops Clash With Russia

Moscow: Russia is making it crystal clear to the world about what it thinks of a possible confrontation with NATO.

A day after Russian security council deputy secretary Alexander Venediktov said that World War III is guaranteed if Ukraine gets entry to NATO, President Vladimir Putin warned that any direct clash of NATO troops with Russia would lead to a ‘global catastrophe’.

Putin, speaking at a news conference in Kazakhstan capital Astana on Friday, said that Germany is making a ‘mistake’ by prioritising its allegiance to NATO over its national interest.

‘Aware of India’s stand, but…’

Putin acknowledged that India and China favour peaceful dialogue with Ukraine to bring about an end to the nearly eight-month-old conflict.

“India and China always talk about the need to establish dialogue and resolve everything peacefully, we know their position. These are our close allies, partners, and we respect their position. But we also know the position of Kyiv… they keep saying that they want negotiations and it seems like they asked for it, and now they have made an official decision that prohibits negotiations,” reported Reuters.

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