Obesity May Lead To Greater COVID-19 Severity & Death, Say Italian Researchers

Rome: If you are obese, you need to be extra careful in ensuring that you don’t contract the deadly COVID-19 virus.

According to findings of a research carried out in an Italian university, chances of greater COVID-19 severity and death is higher in people who are grossly overweight with an obese body mass index (BMI).

The report, published in the European Journal of Endocrinology, says that BMI over 30 was associated with a significantly higher risk of respiratory failure, admission to intensive care and death in COVID-19 patients — regardless of age, gender and other associated diseases.

“Our study showed that any grade of obesity is associated with severe COVID-19 illness and suggests that people with mild obesity should also be identified as a population at risk,” said study researcher Matteo Rottoli from the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna in Italy.

As per current guidelines, a BMI of 40 is classified as ‘high risk’ category in the UK and USA. But this latest study suggests that people with BMI over 30 should also be alerted.

The Italian research team came to a conclusion after analysing outcomes of almost 500 patients hospitalised with COVID-19.

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