Odia Actresses Who Immortalized The Role Of Mother On Big Screen

Bhubaneswar: As the world celebrates the indomitable spirit of motherhood on May 10, let’s have a look at the list of iconic on-screen mothers who have become synonymous with playing the Mom in Odisha film industry.

Anita Das: She is Ollywood ‘favourit mom’. Anita started her career with ‘Jajabara’ and went on to play the lead role in ‘Tapasya’, ‘Ram Balaram’, ‘Krushna Sudama’ and a comical role in ‘Nagaphasa’. However, she will be remembered for essaying the loving mom in ‘Pua Mora Kala Thakuara’, ‘Ki Heba Sua Poshile’, ‘Bahudibe Mo Jaga Balia’, ‘Maa Mamata’, ‘Shapath’ and ‘Swapan Sagara’. Her last films were ‘Abhay’ and ‘Sitaramanka Bahaghara Kalijugare’.

Gloria Mohanty: She made her debut in ‘Jagannath’ and won several awards for her role Lalita. However, she left a lasting impression with her portrayal of mother in Taapoi’, ‘Ulka’, ‘Sakshi Gopinath’, ‘Paribara’, ‘Kedara Gouri’, ‘Tapasya’, ‘Janani’ and ‘Maa’. After 18-year hiatus, she was back with a bang with super-hit movies like ‘Barsa My Darling’, ‘Prathama Prema’, ‘Shasughara Chalijibi’, ‘Premi Number One’, ‘Oh My Love’, ‘Mahanayaka’, ‘Neijare Megha Mate’ and was much appreciated for her role as grandmother.

Namrata Das: At the age of 13, she made a foray into Ollywood with ‘Dharitri’ in 1973. However, it was her role as a doting mother and grandmother that made her a popular.. Fondly called as  Dolly Apa, she won the state award for her performance in the film ‘Lakhmi Pratima’. Her personal favourite, however, is the role of grandmother in Babushaan-starrer ‘To Akhi Re Mu’.

Mahasweta Ray: She was one of the leading ladies, who ruled the Odia cinema for four decades, and then effortlessly donned the role of mother in Bou’, ‘Tu Thile Mo Dara Kahaku’, ‘Jaga Hatare Pagha’ and ‘Chini’ in the later stage of her career. She was the highest paid actor of her time.

Sujata Anand: She started her second innings in Odia cinema by playing the mother in 1978-movie ‘Balidan’. She was also appreciated for her role in ‘Samar Salim Saimon’ (1979), ‘Kurukshetra’ (1988) and ‘Jor Jar Mulak Tar’ (1986).


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