Odisha Governor Unveils 35-Ft Statue Of Shri Chaitanya In Puri

Puri: Governor Prof Ganeshi Lal on Tuesday unveiled a 35-ft statue of Shri Chaitanya in the Pilgrim Town.

The statue of the great devotee of Lord Jagannath has been installed at Gaura Vihar in the town. The Governor unveiled it as part of week-long programme of discourses on Bhagavat Gita and Sri Gaurikatha.

Speaking on the occasion, the Governor said all human beings should endeavour to see their reflection in others. When it will be possible, there will be an end to hatred, intolerance and violence.

“The people should rise above pride and self interest for the welfare of the society and mankind at large. This is the only path to prevent aggression and war in the present world,” he said.

The programme, organised by Gaura Vihar Spiritual and Charitable Trust, will end on March 19.

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