Odisha Govt Notification Clears The Air Over Kalia-PM-Kisan Merger


Bhubaneswar: An Odisha government notification of November 30 has left no room for doubts over merger of the flagship KALIA progamme with the Centre’s PM-KISAN scheme.

The notification referred to the meeting of the State Cabinet on November 15, which approved the proposal for modification in KALIA scheme. The modified rules highlighted in the notification also makes it amply clear that the Naveen Patnaik-led government was treating both the schemes as a single entity.

“The operational guidelines of both the schemes were examined and it was decided that all the eligible farmers shall get assistance from PM-KISAN during 2019-20,” the notification said, ending all speculation over the merger proposal.

There was, however, no mention about the nomenclature of the merged scheme. Curiously though, the notification underlined that since KALIA is gaining wide adaptability among the farming community, it shall be extended till the PM-KISAN scheme continues.

KALIA will, however, see a cut in financial assistance to farmers from Rs 10,000 per annum to Rs 4,000 per annum.

“Keeping the parity of both the schemes (KALIA and PM-KISAN), the small farmers/marginal farmers may be given with Rs 5,000 for 2019- 20 and Rs 4,000 per year from 2020-21, so that they will get Rs 10,000 annually i.e Rs 6,000 from PM-KISAN and Rs 4,000 from KALIA,” the notification said.

Applications from big/large farmers shall be collected online as they are eligible to get assistance from PM-KISAN scheme — Rs 6000 annually.

It also said that members holding constitutional posts, professionals like doctors, engineers practicing shall also be excluded from the KALIA scheme just like the PM-KISAN scheme. Both the schemes will have common exclusions.

Landless sharecroppers will continue to get assistance under KALIA scheme, which is Rs 10,000 since they are not considered under PM-KISAN scheme.

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