Odisha Man Owns Biggest Collection Of Miniature Books In Asia


Bhubaneswar: Small things can make for big feats. And so it’s with Bhubaneswar resident Siddhartha Mohanty. This 43-year-old man is the proud owner of Asia’s most extensive collection of miniature books in English. He also has miniatures in languages like Hindi, Sanskrit and Gujarati, among others.

Mohanty’s collection extends to more than 4,000 miniature books from 40 countries. These books are not more than three inches in height, width or thickness, and are made and printed using special techniques.

The oldest book in his collection is an Almanac from the 1700s. He also owns more than 100 miniature Gitas in 30 different languages, along with around 200 miniature Bibles.

As the only Indian member of the Miniature Book Society, USA, this collector from Odisha is surely making India proud. In recognition of his achievement, Mohanty will be featured on the next episode of OMG! Yeh Mera India, Season 6 on January 20 and 21.

The History TV18 show, which airs every Monday and Tuesday, presents inspirational stories of Indians who have made an extraordinary impact.

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