Pakistan Blocks Wikipedia; Know Other Nations To Have Banned Online Encyclopedia

Islamabad: Pakistan has blocked Wikipedia as the website refused to remove offensive or ‘blasphemous’ material.

Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) had degraded — disrupting and slowing access — Wikipedia services for 48 hours on the instruction of the high court a few days ago, asking it to delete the content deemed ‘blasphemous’ from its website, The News reported.

They were given an opportunity for a hearing, but Wikipedia was in no mood to comply. Hence it was blacklisted, a PTA spokesperson confirmed to the newspaper.

Pakistan is not the first country to have blocked Wikipedia, one of the most popular and widely used websites in the world.

China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Myanmar are countries where Wikipedia ban is effective even today, according to the website.


Belarus — March 11, 2022 to April 7, 2022

China — April 2019 till present

Iran — 2013

Myanmar — February 15, 2021 till present

Pakistan — March 2006, several days in May 2010, February 1, 2023 till present

Russia — 2010s till present

Saudi Arabia — 2000s till present

Syria — April 30, 2008 till February 13, 2009

Tunisia — November 23-27, 2006              Blocked all versions of wikipedia

Turkey — April 2017-2019/2020

Uzbekistan — 2007, 2008, 2012

Venezuela — January 12, 2019.

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